Great Gift!
Give the gift of Muncharoo Bucks for use on Muncharoo
  • Muncharoo Bucks are the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys drinking, dining and fun in Kansas City.

  • Do you have a credit in your Muncharoo account? Use it to buy Christmas or holiday gifts for your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers.

  • Once you purchase Muncharoo Bucks, print the voucher and present it to your lucky friend! Have them redeem the code on the voucher at our website, and their account will be credited!

  • When the recipient makes a purchase on Muncharoo.com, the Muncharoo Bucks are automatically used to pay for the purchase. Unused Muncharoo Bucks remain in their account and will be used on their next purchase.

  • Muncharoo Bucks are available in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100.

  • The recipient of this gift may use their Muncharoo Bucks to purchase vouchers on Muncharoo.com.

  • Any unspent Muncharoo Bucks remain in their account until all are used.

  • Not valid with other offers, coupons or discounts

  • Muncharoo Bucks have no cash value other than when used to purchase vouchers on Muncharoo.com.

  • Muncharoo Bucks vouchers cannot be redeemed at restaurants or merchants - they can only be redeemed for vouchers obtained from Muncharoo, to be used at restaurants or merchants.
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